Hip hop is a genre that has always prided itself on its “Self Made” pride, with artists carving out their own paths to success.

The self-made route has become a popular alternative to the traditional path of signing with a label and relying on industry insiders to shape one’s career. Instead, artists are taking control of their own destinies, using the power of social media and other digital platforms to build their fan bases and establish themselves as independent brands.

In this episode, we will explore the inspiring stories of these self-made rappers, tracing their journeys from obscurity to fame and fortune. We’ll examine the strategies they used to break through the noise and make their mark, and we’ll celebrate their innovative approaches to the craft of hip hop. Join us as we pay tribute to these trailblazing artists who have proven that with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck, anyone can make it in the world of hip hop.

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